As questions arise, we are always here for you, but we find there are some questions that arise with regularity. Here’s a sampling of those questions along with our informed answers.

Balloon Category Management

A: We work with you, the buyer/category manager, to determine the correct quantities to send to each store for each holiday. These balloons will arrive about four weeks prior to the holiday. At the end of the holiday period, we will issue a UPS Call Tag and Return Authorization form. The store fills it out and returns the R/A for credit on all product, whether it is still in saleable condition or has been destroyed as shrink. We do all of this no later than two weeks after the holiday to help your stores clean up their inventory and get you your credit as soon as possible. 

Balloons, helium and supplies can be ordered by emailing Orders received by noon will ship that day and delivery by UPS is normally 1-3 business days.

A: Because balloons do not spoil the way produce does, they will last forever. But old styles or licenses and product that is not made from XtraLife® technology, will result in a 100% total loss. We have seen obsolete inventory totaling thousands of dollars…at cost with floral managers who keep product for 5-10 years, just because it never spoils. It just keeps getting added to each inventory. Losses like this are unacceptable and unsustainable in today’s competitive climate.

A: We just won’t do it and that is why we share in your shrink by reducing the amount that it costs you. We call it “Vendor Co-Op Shrink Reduction.” This allows you to maximize your holiday balloon sales with the security of knowing that you have a partner who “has your back.”

A: We will send a defective balloon allowance that is three times the manufacturer’s demonstrated defective rate. This allowance is sent directly to your buying office twice each year. In addition to the defective allowance if you run into a large number of the same balloons that are defective, please let us know and we will handle that credit directly with the store as soon as the problem surfaces.

About balloons

A: A Latex Balloon will float for 12-18 hours, but if treated with Ultra Hi-Float, they can remain floating for days. Foil balloons will float for weeks, but they will begin to lose their helium and look soft before they ever drop to the ground. Holographic balloons will stay fully inflated for several days, while balloons made with Anagram’s XtraLife technology (Note: Holographic balloons are not made with XtraLife technology) can look fully inflated for weeks. Whichever foil balloons you are considering, they will float for weeks at a time.

A: We have printed high school balloons for nearly 700 schools. While the strongest sales season for these is at graduation time, they are sold all year, particularly for sporting events and end-of-season banquets. Printed high school balloons are a tremendous way to show your community spirit and to give your customers one more reason why they should be shopping with you.

A: The best way to get a professional look to your balloon bouquets is to view the professional arrangement techniques in our Allen University.

A: We have found that if we change your balloon Plan-O-Gram about every 18-24 months it is often enough to keep it fresh in the eyes of your customers.

A: Yes, we encourage you to support the latest movie releases, but not all movies are created equal, so let us guide you as to which ones will give your company the greatest impact and best sales.

Yes, most professional and collegiate teams have corresponding balloons.

A: Not only do we provide custom imprinted foil and latex balloons with your company logo, but are capable of providing a fulfillment program where we keep your balloons in our inventory and ship to your stores as needed.

A: Yes we do manufacture custom-made balloon weights that will hold all of your standard-size balloons. By using multiple weights you can also secure larger balloons that have more lift. These custom printed weights are a tremendous way to build your brand, provide a gift tag, and ensure accurate price scanning.

A: Our multi-colored sand weights will hold any higher price point balloon or up to 15 latex balloons in bouquets. They are among the least expensive balloon weights in the industry for their size. These sand weights can be printed with your company logo. By using these and the balloon weight that is included in your balloon pricing, additional sales of the many colors of foil weights can be generated at your stores.

A: Yes and no. The Qualatex latex balloons in our product offering are made from 100% natural latex that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Through scientific research, it has been determined that our latex balloons decompose as fast as an oak leaf. Foil balloons are made from a various types of plastics, most of which have a very thin film of foil covering the balloon. They are similar to the packaging used for potato chips and cookies. These balloons are not biodegradable and should be disposed of in your household trash containers.

About helium

A: With our nation-wide helium distribution program, we have the ability to deliver helium to stores in all 50 states.

A: Most of our helium is delivered within one or two days, but usually no longer than five business days.

A: Helium cylinders must be secured to prevent them from falling. We offer a helium tank wall bracket that will put you in compliance with this regulation. Some companies have age restrictions that prevent young people from working with helium cylinders. Check your company policy on this.

A: No, there is not a helium shortage. Based on our current usage and known helium reserves, the world has enough helium for about the next 300 years. However, there are occasionally helium supply disruptions. These are cyclical, typically occurring every 5-10 years. There is currently a disruption in supply due to plant maintenance shut-downs and global unrest, but this is expected to resolve over the next several months.

A: Medical grade helium has different purity requirements than balloon grade helium. The helium your stores receive cannot be used for other purposes. 

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