Proven programs result in streamlined success

We will not just fill your store with balloons. We will partner with you on proven, program-focused balloon marketing and merchandising solutions that are based in real market data.  With Allen Associates, we help you manage the entire category, so you are not just selling balloons, but building a successful balloon program.

We realized long ago that our customers are savvy, educated retailers who want a relationship with their balloon vendor that goes beyond the basics to –

Create more sales with less labor

Generate higher margins and profits

Align perfectly with your brand image

Keep customers coming back again and again

Simplify and streamline all aspects of your balloon category

Custom Designed Programs

Over the years we’ve listened to our customers and responded to their needs. While we have learned what works for our customers, we realize that no two programs are the same and no two retailers or supermarkets are alike. You are unique… we get it. So the way we design programs are as unique as our customers, creating even greater individualized success.

No other balloon supplier does all that we do –

  • Rocket Ship Total Balloon Category Management – boosting sales up to 60%
  • Controlled inventory mix – we update custom programs about every 18-24 months, allowing for your stores to sell through their inventory, while also providing the newest license and product releases on a seasonal basis to keep things clean.
  • Merchandising and mixes by category (birthday, baby, get well, holiday, etc.) – based on research and sales
  • Guaranteed Sale
  • No obsolete Inventory, ever again – Our customers have the cleanest inventory in the industry
  • Reduced shrink
  • Up to 75% lower labor costs
  • Longer-lasting balloons – that cost less overall – resulting in far greater sales & profits
  • New store set-up program – so you start right and stay that way
  • Custom balloon catalogs – created solely for you to minimize inventory and maximize sales
  • Nationwide helium delivery
  • Allen University – how-to videos, in-person meetings, printed, digital, and online guidance and reference

We promise: You will feel the passion we have for our partners and their success.

It shows in how we approach what we do and the innovative, successful ways we partner with our customers. We’ve been mastering balloon programs for the supermarket industry since 1982, honing our programs and creatively innovating in ways designed to help your bottom line, brand, and customer relations.

We promise you: No one can make your balloon business take off like Allen Associates can.

The numbers tell the story


  • Over $1,500,000 in obsolete holiday product that no longer had to take up valuable space in the off-season
  • $500,000 in credits for obsolete inventory from previous vendors

*As reported by Allen Rocket Ship Total Category Management. Data on file in the last ten years.

20% reduced shrink*

25% increased gross profits with some customers reporting more than 50%*

75% reduced employee labor*

Our six streamlined steps to balloon success



  • Solves problem inventory issues
  • Cleans up your back room and vital work space
  • Reduces shrink while increasing profits
  • Carrying obsolete inventory costs you money
    • Money tied up in “wrong” styles
    • Labor-intensive inventories
    • Clutter and disorganization detract from merchandising and image
    • You waste time and lose sales opportunities
  • Helping you eliminate years of accumulated obsolete inventory



  • We won’t profit from your shrink – We promise you can maximize your sales for every holiday without any worries about shrink
  • No clutter to carry over year after year
  • Never have leftover holiday product again!
  • Allen’s Rocket Ship program provides the cleanest inventory in the industry



  • Proprietary Allen Helium Transport System delivers a proven solution to reduce labor hours and increase sales
  • Slash labor up to 75%
  • Your balloons will be more saleable all the time so your sales and profits will take off. You would not permit a rotten tomato to be displayed with the fresh tomatoes. The same principle holds true for balloons.
  • Allen Helium Transport System features a net-zero cost to our balloon/helium partners.

ANAGRAM XtraLife® & HeLIUM Saver® balloons – by the numbers

See the longer-lasting difference and experience increased sales with ANAGRAM XtraLife® & HeLIUM SAVER® balloons constructed with XtraLife technology

  • 20% helium savings per balloon
  • 3-5 times longer float time
  • You get up to $450 more in balloon sales from each helium tank



  • Custom catalog created just for your stores
  • Holiday orders predetermined for all stores, so stores get exactly what they need and nobody misses a holiday!
  • Stop wasting time entering hundreds of UPCs into your system.  Just a few UPCs that are all scannable – make cost averaging work for you.
  • Just five UPCs scan your entire helium balloon program – Cost Average Pricing works for you – Pay one low price for all 18” standard balloons
  • Streamlined, automatic helium delivery to all your locations



  • Manageable Minimum orders that work for you
  • Detailed plan-o-grams and management
  • Holiday pre-order solutions
  • Simplification of pricing aids and supplies
  • Limited-time offerings prevent over stock situations
  • Cost average pricing for greater accuracy and more reliable profit data



  • Properly configured plan-o-gram results in lower inventory investment and maximized sales
  • Beautiful, effectively merchandised product and displays
  • We review the Guide to Inventory Management with your store staff to ensure a thorough understanding of the inventory management system and guaranteed sale and order processes
  • Get everything you need to start selling balloons and building profits from day one
  • Allen customer service representatives consult, advise, and work with you every step of the way

We make balloon sales take off.
Just listen to our customers.

We now have the cleanest inventory in the industry, thanks to the Rocket Ship program.

Store Manager, AL

You guys do a lot more than you promised.

Produce Manager, FL

I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t buy from Allen!

Floral Department Manager, OH

We experienced a 60% sales increase the first year with the Allen Rocket Ship Total Category Management because they paid attention to us.

Director of Produce, MD

Finally I’ve got all my stores on the same page with consistent retail pricing and a clean merchandising look.

District Manager, PA

We know the cost of carrying inventory and the 80/20 rule applies to balloons. Allen helped us understand and leverage this to the max.

VP, Produce/Floral, TX

No more leftover holiday stock to count and maintain because Allen takes it all back.

Floral Manager, NC

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