Sharing Knowledge – Growing Profits – Partnering Together

Since 1945 our primary focus has been on sharing the knowledge we have gathered in order to grow the profits of our partners. We know that keeping your staff on the same page can be a challenge. We can help you through our Allen University. Let us share our knowledge and excitement with you and your staff.

How it is Done

We sponsor training sessions for your balloon department staff in order to share with them the basics and tricks of the balloon trade. Yes, our balloon programs can be simple on the surface, but by drilling down a bit your staff can learn so much more and in turn provide your company with the maximum profits attainable in this industry.

Helpful Tips

Helium Safety Tips

Hi-Float Inflating Instructions

Tying Balloons and Adding Ribbon

Expanded Video Series for Best Practices

Balloon merchandising is clearly a visual experience and we have found that the best way to convey this is by showing how it should be done, through the use of still photographs and video. We continue to create new videos that your staff can watch and model. These are filled with easy, proven, creative, profit-building ideas.

Partners of Allen’s Rocket Ship Program have access to all of these videos and our other training materials and personalized attention.

In addition to on-site training, we have created highly effective online training modules.

Some examples of our basic training modules include:

  • “How to Assemble your Balloon Rack”
  • “How to Inflate a Balloon”
  • “Helium Safety and Conservation”

To our more advanced and comprehensive modules, such as:

  • “Shift Product Mix to Maximize Profits”
  • “Tips for a Successful Valentine’s Day Sell-Out”

Allen Associates Order Forms

Here are links to various order forms that we have produced for our partners in order to facilitate the ordering of products and to help you maximize your profits.  Please note that some forms are simply to aid you in ordering items for resale, while others provide us with information to create custom marketing signage for your stores.

Give us a call or email today to learn more.